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Benjamin Legacy 1000 Mods


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           Airgunsmith Modified 2 Stage Trigger For The Legacy 1000 177 & 22

Legacy Trigger Spring Assembly


    Benjamin Legacy 1000  Bronze Breech Bushings


This is the single most improvement that can be made with this rifle each rifle is different and these bronze spacers should be hand fitted and polished, then before sliding the breech and pressure tube together the forks on the pressure tube should be cleaned and polished as well.  After you have completed the installation you will notice a smooth buttery cocking and a substantial increase in accuracy.




Custom manufacture variable weight top-hat for the Legacy 1000.
Both 22 and 177 cal rifles.

We first started with the stock weight of 4 oz and worked all the way down to using no top hat and have come to a satisfying compromise of weight giving the best results with both heavy and light weight pellets.

The Benjamin Legacy Top Hat eliminates main spring friction & twisting resulting in higher velocity smoother cocking and more consistent grouping.

These top-hats have been in use for 10 years and have
more then proven themselves to be durable and increase
smoothness and accuracy in the Benjamin Legacy 1000.

A worth while investment that will last well into the next generation
of airgun enthusiast.  



Nylon guide machined to fit main spring snugly and to be in contact with top hat when fully cocked. With this set up you can increase spring coils from 27 to 32 as well as increase the wire diameter.


 Pivot Lock-Pin for the Legacy 1000 22 or 177




The way we fix the Legacy 1000 when they come to us for adjustment with a loose barrel.

 First drill a hole from the slot to the inside shoulder at an angle. if you drill straight down, the set screw is too close to the edge and will tend to expand the metal on the breech.

When this pivot pin is installed with the bronze bushings and the two stage trigger the Legacy 1000 becomes as accurate as any side or under-lever spring powered pellet gun.




Troubled scope mounts on the Benjamin Legacy 1000, here is the fix


Find yourself a Weaver TO-10 Top Mount base.
Drill the base just in front of the rear slot so the head of your screw hangs over the slot and counter sink this will hold your scope stop. File down the rear tube cover so the base will slide over the cover slide a shear pin in the rear slot slide the base on the tube tighten all screws mount scope with this base you will be able to use the weaver Tip-off rings weaver top mount or the standard scope ring from Wal-Mart

 2 Stage Trigger For The Legacy 1000



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