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Benjamin Legacy 1000

Benjamin Legacy Parts, Service, Rebuilding

Benjamin Legacy 1000 Rebuilding


Legacy 1000 Up-Grades and Improvements

Benjamin Legacy 1000 Trigger

Trigger Illustration

Install instructions | Screw adjust Instructions

See the breech bushing  in the final stage of machining

Breech Bushing Instructions

Spring Guide install help


Benjamin Legacy Mods

Benjamin Legacy
Smooth Shot Top-hat light

 light weight Top Hat

Eliminates Main Spring friction & twisting
resulting in smoother cocking and more
consistent grouping.

   This model is the aluminum 
tophat with bearing that has been in
use for  more then 9 years and has
maintained its integrity and consistency
over that period of time.

The AGS Top-hat has more then proven its durability and usefulness for over 9 years of production.


Benjamin Legacy Breech Bushings

For better accuracy and more consistent shooting replace your plastic breech spacers with precision  bronze breech spacers, stops the side to side inaccuracy found on all barrel cocking airguns.

Legacy / Genesis  Tune Kit


Bearing Mount Triggers



Traditional or Flat With Bearing


Smooth Shot Brass Top Hat

The number one selling tophat
 for the last 10 years of production

If you want durability, longevity, smoother cocking and shooting this is the ONLY precision built tophat on the market and for the last 10 years of production and use has more then proven its value and durability

These top-hats have been in use for 10 years and have more then proven themselves to be durable and increase smoothness and accuracy in the Benjamin Legacy 1000.

A worth while investment that will last well into the next generation
of airgun enthusiast


Legacy Spring Guide SQ

This guide has a medium action is a bit softer then the white and has a slower action


Two-Stage Trigger


Two-Stage Trigger

Pump Tube Complete Exchange

Legacy/Genesis 2 stage Trigger




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