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NLGI Grease Classification System

NLGI Grade Worked Penetration (ASTM D 217)
000 445-475 Semi fluid
(able to pour)
00 400-430 Semi fluid
(able to pour with help)
0 355-385 Almost Semi fluid
1 310-340 Soft Grease
 (consistency comparable to white grease)
2 265-295 Most Common Grease
consistency comparable wheel bearing Grease)
3 220-250 Stiff
4 175-205 Very Stiff
5 130-115 Hard Grease
6 85-115 Solid
 (not workable)
This is a basic with some testers not agreeing the best we can do is to use this as a guide.
1,2 & 3 is the most common grade of grease used today.
 000, 00, 0 would be usable in a leaking gear box with bad seals they will still leak after warming just not as fast as gear lube

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