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Our 8th year in a ten year study
 to determine if there is a detrimental reaction between airgun piston seals and  Airgunsmith's SLB Black Piston Seal Lube

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All Airgunsmith Airgun Oil & Lubes Are Made in the USA

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(Springer) Chamber Seal  Lube Black

See our 8th year of a ten year study on SLB_Black reaction with Airgun Piston Apex Seals

We use (SLB) to lube piston seals spring guides and is recommended for all climates and guns with tight fitting or custom spring guides, and below 40deg Fahrenheit.
When using SLB-Black no chamber oil is needed.
If you must use and decide you do need
chamber lube 20wt Silicone oil is recommended
 Not for use on triggers or trigger components
 Custom mixed for Airgunsmith
NLGI Grade 2

Made in the USA

Airgunsmith Airgun Oil

When Quality Counts
AGS airgun oil seals as it lubricates and is for use with Co2, spring powered, single & multi pump airguns Internal and external moving parts and seals. AGS oil is pure synthetic airgun oil 100% aluminum safe with aluminum protectant and corrosion inhibitor with seal enhancer additive for today’s modern airguns. AGS Oil has infused aluminum protectants specifically designed to keep aluminum corrosion out of your high dollar or custom airgun. AGS Airgun Oil was created and tested by oil engineers to control corrosion, seal swell and seal shrinkage in modern airguns by bonding to Aluminum, Brass, Steel and Rubber, separating contact reducing wear and sealing out moisture and oxygen therefore keeping rust and oxidization at bay.

AGS-Green Airgun Oil
 Hunter is a 100% Synthetic heavy weight Airgun Oil

AGS-Red Airgun Oil
AGS Red  is an Up-dated and upgraded 100% synthetic version of the trusted
Airgun Oil that's been around for years.

AGS-Blue Airgun Oil
 AGS-Blue is a light weight 100% synthetic Airgun Oil

AGS-Clear Airgun Oil
AGS Clear is 100% synthetic Airgun Oil
That's been used for Airgunsmith flat-top pistons for more then 10 years

All AGS Airgun Oils are 100% Synthetic.
 Airgunsmith Airgun Oils have an add protectant that is specifically formulated to minimize
friction, wear, and protect against moisture to prevent rust and corrosion

Not to be mix or used with oxygen or breathing apparatus's.
DO NOT mix with Silicone
or use with Silicone Seals
Or Silicone or Silicone base lubricants.

 Made in the USA

Airgunsmith Airgun Oil
Needle Bottle






Spring Lube Brown

We use this in  warmer climates and summer shooting and guns with loose or stock spring guides or  in guns where a slower action is desired this is no light weight lube Custom mix exclusively for Airgunsmith

NLGI Grade 5+

Made in the USA

Airgun Silicone Airgun Lube

 Airgunsmith Silicone
 Lube is 100% silicone






When it comes to oil, grease & lubricants, Original is another word for old and out dated.

For more info on grease see

Grease Classification

Why we need high quality Airgun Oil

When your airguns are more then closet queens demand the best. Airgunsmith Airgun Oils & Lubes are engineered not backyard witches brew.

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