2015 marks our 35 years of Gunsmithing Service and 10 years Airgunsmith has been providing quality parts and service online to airgun hobbyist and professionals world wide

Airgun Lube

All Airgunsmith Airgun Oil & Lubes
Are Made in the USA

Airgun Oil & lubricants

When your airguns are more then closet queens, demand the best.

For the last 10 years Airgunsmith Airgun Oils have been used & trusted world wide.
As airgun technology and materials improve so should the oils & lubes you use for airgun maintenance.


 Chamber Seal Lube

Use (SLB) to lube piston seals
 When using SLB-Black no chamber oil is needed.

 Not for use on triggers or trigger components NLGI Grade 2 Made in the USA

  Airgunsmith Airgun Oil


When Quality Counts

AGS  Airgun Oil is 100% American made Airgun lubricant.
AGS airgun oil was created and tested by oil engineers to control corrosion, seal swell and seal shrinkage in modern airguns by bonding to aluminum, brass, steel & rubber.

AGS - Silver
AGS Silver is our first airgun oil
 that has been used in airguns for more then 9 years

AGS - Hunter Green
 Hunter Green airgun oil is the same as the silver
 with a thicker viscosity. 

AGS - Blue AGS
Blue is a light weight version of our silver airgun oil
AGS blue is ideal for Co2 applications with
 aluminum and brass valves, we have found AGS Blue
will clear up some leaks in vintage Co2 Valves by flushing little bits deposited by dirty Co2 cartridges.

AGS - Red
 AGS Red  is an up-dated and upgraded version of the trusted airgun oil that's been around for years.

AGS airgun oils have add Protectant that are specifically formulated to minimize friction, wear, and protect against rust and corrosion in airguns.

 Not to be mix or used with oxygen or breathing apparatus's. DO NOT mix with Silicone or use with Silicone Seals Or Silicone or Silicone base lubricants.

Made in the USA

  Airgunsmith Airgun Oil
Needle Bottle


Airgun Silicone Lube

Airgunsmith Silicone


Silicone Lube
For PCP Airguns

We carry
  cSt 50 to cSt 500

cSt 350 is the most commonly used in airguns

Only The Best For Our Airguns

Modern airguns require modern
airgun lubricants.

When maintaining your new airguns
or rebuilding your vintage prize or everyday shooter use the best lube you can buy.

When it comes to airgun  oils & lubricants   Airgunsmith airgun lubricants are updated yearly to insure we have the best possible lubricants for our airguns.

When we rebuild an airgun we use the best seals we can fine, why would we use old
out dated lubricants that provide old and out dated protection.

When your airguns are more then closet queens demand the best.

Airgunsmith AGS Airgun Oils & Lubes are engineered not backyard witches brew.

For more then 9 years Airgunsmith AGS Airgun Oil have been used and trusted world wide.


Spring Lube Brown

Use this in warmer climates and summer shooting and with guns that have loose or stock spring guides, better then tar
NLGI Grade 5+ Made in the USA


All Airgunsmith lubricants are 100%
 American Made and petroleum free

When it comes to  
 oil, grease and lubricants
Original is another word for
old and out dated.


For more info on grease see

Grease Classification

Why we need high quality Airgun Oil

All Airgunsmith Airgun Lubes Are American Made

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