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Airgunsmith Airgun Piston Seal Lube Test




This is the results of an 8 year test we have been performing
 on the piston seals reaction with Airgunsmith Piston Spring Lube.

 By no means is it conclusive because each year we remove the seal, clean it, size it
weight it and cover back up with the same Airgunsmith Black Spring Lube
until we get the 10 year study complete.

 Two more years to completion.


This is the new piston seal we started with in 2007


This is the same seal after covering it
with Airgunsmith (Springer) Chamber Seal Lube Black (SLB-Black)

This is the yearly uncovering to size weigh and test for hardness

This is the seal cleaned with water and water base cleaner


This is the seal back in the lube
for another 1 year  for two more years for a total of 10 a year study


Back in its testing state



What we have found to this point is
Start weight 43.6 gn, 8 year check 44.4 gn
Start Diameter 1.150, 8 year check 1.148
with a slight increase in hardness only a person willing
to never be satisfied would ever keep testing long enough to detect.
The proof is in the eight year study soon to be 10

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Airgunsmith Airgun Piston Seal Lube Test