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Aug/02/2016 at 10:31PM

The Crosman MK II restoration has begun, Completed 8/27/16

we have the 10 needed to fill the
rack, each MK is owned by different individuals and must be stripped individually to keep the parts of each owners gun the same.

Never use metal of any kind to dig in the nooks and cranny's
never any sand paper. steel wool and polishing cloth work good.

Now that the process has started we should be moving quickly to get
the beloved shooters back to there loving homes, as soon as we get them all
stripped and ready to paint things will move even faster.

we could do them one at a time but the paint is too expensive to paint only
one at a time, it seems that mixing spraying and cleanup for one takes enough
paint to paint 2 complete guns, such a waist. anyway for those of you
that have your MK in our trust, this is where were at.

After we get to this point its time to clean the metal for proper
paint adhesion, all them nooks and crannies need to be free from
paint oil and what ever-else may laying wait to ruin the painting

Here is the barrel shroud after painting, this is a color
we have mixed to have a very small amount of grey show when
the light hits is just right. like all top coats that dry very rapidly
we sometimes get small specks in the finish, hard to show with the camera
but the two specks are there.

@#$%^ is how we feel about that, anyway its up to the owner from here

the next step is to let the paint sit and get good and hard, no hurry
here, then get to sanding with 1500 then 2000 then 2500 and then polish
it out, soo much work. MK main body is in the process of painting soon to be complete on this one.


Here the main body with the barrel shroud. next will be the trigger guard
then then bake it a bit and get it back together. and off on its way back home. all the others are soon to follow


I was talking to ED, (The AGS Big Cheese in charge) we have decided, NOT good enough, time to strip and go back to the paint we used for years. The new paint is too weather sensitive, lays on too thick with too high of a shine.

We need a good hard paint that can be laid on thin with not so shinny finish
that dry's and cures quick and hard with good adhesion to Crosman Metal.



we have used the paint we have been using for years and like
it should came out just right. the paint shop said not to be discouraged
with the new paint and it just needs some getting used to.

Well we don't need to be practicing on OP Toys, we need to get it
done and get it done right the first time.

I do have to say, I have a few MKs of mu own that need to be painted and I
will be using the new paint with new colors just to see what we
can come up with. nuf said. --- if it looks grey that's because of the
light. there is a bit of grey specks but it is black. this body will sit
over night then into the oven.


Paints all done, what looks like specks is imperfections in the base metal reflecting light. this stuff is hard as nails once set.

Next will be to recondition the piercing cap refinish, then off to the
owner. I'll grab a few picks of the cap restore.
When the cap is badly damaged the restore results can only be so good
but we can get then pretty nice as long as their not out of round.


This gun will go back together this coming Monday

Well I was up late and completed the MK last night

and this is the fresh Crosman MK refurbish.

Nothing fancy but looking new with a few add dents from being used but not abused. the paint is not so shinny as to look hideous with the age the old timer has, just a nice clean durable refresh.

Many things can be done with the MK once it is stripped to the raw,
I have a few that I will be playing with once the time permits.

But when it comes to a restore fancy change or mod from the stock is not what were looking for. we try to get as near a finish as it had new from the factory, below is the MK complete rebuild with refinish next to my almost cherry untouched MK.



Sheffield, England,
Dec/04/2016 at 06:11PM

@ airgunsmith


Fantastic job!!

I hope to add a Mk1 or a mk2 to my small collection someday :lklj:

Regards, John :-)

- - -
I used to be indecisive but now i'm not so sure..

Nothing succeeds like a budgie with no beak!!!

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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 812 Members, 7 users online ( 1 Members, 6 Guests )