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Another Benjamin 130 Restoring Complete

Posted by - airgunsmith HomepageUSA, Jan/11/2018 at 06:56PM

The 130 with the wood grips is the gun with the restore.

There is a lot of work in completing the refinish of the Benjamin 130.
and after the work is complete re-assembly is nothing but stress and lots of it. One slip of the screw driver and it all about starting all over, no patch work here. with all the work and stress the end results is worth the finish product.

We need to cut back on the restores, they are holding us way back on the
basic rebuilds. we should have all rebuilds in and out within 2 weeks but the
guns that come to us for complete restoring takes all our time.

Starting today I have 3 or 4 complete restoring's to complete then I will
stop with the airgun restoring until I can get the basic rebuilds in and out in no less then 2 weeks.

I should have made it clear on the turn around on restoring, it can be 3, 6, 12, or more months depending on the gun and the availability of quality parts, (wood) parts are the most difficult to get in top quality condition for guns that are 30, 50 or more years old.

Having said that, if you have a gun you want restored and you don't have a time limit we can talk. remember 6 to 12 months is not uncommon for a difficult restore and the amount of time could exceed 12 months if its a very difficult restore.

a good example: I have a nice old apache air rifle I have had for almost two years and I'm still looking for a couple of parts. This guy is in no hurry it was a gift from his grandfather it was damaged in a move and he wants it back as close as possible to new as I can get. I rarely hear anything from this gentleman until I email him to let him know where were are with his gun.

That is where were at, complete restores will be on hold, rebuilding and parts will be our priority until further notice.

Also I need to thank everyone for another fun year in what I think is the greatest hobby in the world and from what I see the years to come are only going to get better.



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1811 Postings in 506 Threads, 811 Members, 4 users online ( 0 Members, 4 Guests )