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Benjamin Marauder and other PCP air rifles

Posted by - airgunsmith HomepageUSA, Jan/25/2009 at 02:07AM

in the same price range.
I was thinking the Benjamin Marauder may be a nice rifle to own, but being penny-wise as I am I started looking around for air rifles in the same price range, I was surprised, give or take $50.00 to $100.00 there are a few, all worth there weight.

Benjamin Discovery 379.00 with pump

Sumatra 2500 499.00
Sumatra 2500 carbine 499.00
Sumatra 2500 500cc Reservoir 499.00

Career III 300 & 707 $476.00 $549.00

Evanix Hunting Master $599.00

Sam Yang Big Bore 909S $549.90


Webley Raider $525.00


And the newest to the line Benjamin Marauder projected $499.00

O-- lets not forget

Airforce Condor starting at 525.00

The Condor shoots well and is OK for a single shot but easy to forget.

The Webley Raider is definitely on my list, I have shot the Raider and its a fine rifle, I do like American made, Soo,,, it's got to be a tossup as to which gun I should go for, the Benjamin Marauder or the Webley Raider? The only way I have to judge the Benjamin Marauder is by looks & price tag, the Benjamin Marauder has not yet been released, but if I go by looks and the price tag the Webley Raider wins hands down.

Only time will tell and to be honest, Iím not that keyed up about the Benjamin Marauder the more I look at it the more I see another plain Jain....


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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 813 Members, 1 users online ( 0 Members, 1 Guests )