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Jun/03/2017 at 06:49PM

Issues with paint sticking--Updated

So to our last resort we use heat, that worked on
some as the oil leached out with the heat;.

Still on others it took a hot tank, now don't get excited, the old
fashion hot tank would eat aluminum, but for those of us
that went along with the EPA, we have found we can do a lot
more then cast iron, now days a good hot tank can clean everything
down to plastic.

Here is what we got from the tank, I can always see a good
clean paintable surface on sight. with just a bit of hand cleaning
this frame will take a nice pre-paint treatment and paint should
stick with no issues. with most MK's we haven,t had any issues but
it seems with the modern oil being used its getting into metal
and doing its job very well.


The start

Get rid of the seams

Clean up the grips


Repair the piercing cap

And if all works out OK


After 3 to 4 weeks, the paint needs to be sealed.
I don't have that picture, the MK is shipped before
I get the chance to get one. but its simple, I send
with the MK a small container to be used, or any high
quality car wax will work fine, not the old pasty stuff
the modern car shine, it seals and protects as well as
make it shinny.

Be safe show safe teach safe and allow others to enjoy

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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 813 Members, 5 users online ( 0 Members, 5 Guests )