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May/02/2015 at 08:54PM

Picked up 3 Larc m19-A in un-used condition

today at a Flea Market. they all 3 still have the tape a seal from the factory.

Not a big deal but still a nice part of BB-gun History also nice because
2 of them are sequential serial numbers and the site needs a good picture and break down.

its a simple design, a high volume of gas/air flows through a valve and tubing into a low pressure vessel filled with BBs.

As the Gas/air works its way through it picks up the BBs and carry's them out of the chamber through the tubing and to the target.

The gun itself has no pressure vessel and must rely on an outside source.
Freon was the old gas used then there is compressed air.

this gun is the cheapest BBs gun ever made, straight from the factory it
was common for this BB gun to have cracks in the plastic and the silicon glue used to seal the over sized holes was known to leak.


Being the cheapest BB gun ever made I still see people paying 75.00 to 300.00
for this stinky armpit of airgun history. it was made to only fascinate the young mind and never made to last let alone work.

Dad called them last ditch back of the book ads to steel your money, right along with X-ray glasses and sea monkeys.

The same goes for the gun to day, it was made as junk it has stayed junk and will always be junk. If your thinking about buying one for more then 20.00
or anywhere near 100.00 take a second look, and then make one yourself.

Don't get me wrong, if you can get a Larc M19-A for under 20 bucks buy it,
then go spend $50.00 on BBs and have a blast.


Be safe show safe teach safe and allow others to enjoy

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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 813 Members, 3 users online ( 1 Members, 2 Guests )