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Apr/19/2015 at 04:01PM

Benjamin 397 Help

I have an air rifle with wood stock, pump action, chrome barrel and pump tube, and it says Benjamin/Sheridan 397 on it. Shoots well, but the trigger was terrible. So I searched and found a 392/397 trigger tune up page from this website. Took mine apart yesterday - and the trigger assembly looks NOTHING like the one on your page. Appears that the "sear" is under the piston, the top of the trigger assembly has a roll pin attaching it to the round block at the back of the gun. (Piece with a phillips screw on each side and a flat blade screw under the safety lever). No box enclosure at all. It appeared to me that pulling trigger pulls the notched "sear" down from under the piston? The safety slides forward/backward and when on safe fits under a notch and doesn't allow the sear to drop. So I cleaned up the stamping burrs a bit on this sear piece and the end of the safety where it rubs on the sear piece when trigger is pulled. Trigger pull is better. Not sure what else I can do to it?
Now for the bigger issue. After I put it back together - the bolt is very hard to pull back and it won't pull back all the way and cock without major finagling with it and the trigger. Maybe messing with trigger doesn't make a difference - but it's a bear to work now. What could I have done to create this? I didn't even remove the bolt - just the cover plate with 2 screws and another plate under it? How do I fix?
And any info on year made, model, etc would be helpful too. Thanks...


Apr/19/2015 at 05:51PM

Pictures please

[ No text ]

Be safe show safe teach safe and allow others to enjoy


Apr/20/2015 at 07:42AM


Ok I will take some pics tonite and post em up...


Apr/20/2015 at 08:31PM





Apr/21/2015 at 08:23PM

Did you lube the bolt.

Make sure the screws in the breech do not go through and contact the bolt
If you used oil on the bolt clean it off and run it dry, if that helps clean and use powder lube,(molly).


Apr/21/2015 at 10:00PM

I fixed that... Still would like some info on the gun?

I took it back apart and I figured out what the problem was. The way this trigger/sear works, the bolt allen screw pulls back the springed piston until it locks. That lower brass piece behind the trigger has a spring in it and it is what pushes against the back of the trigger to lock the sear to the piston. Evidently when I put it together the first time it was in a bind on the trigger and wasn't letting the sear drop far enough for the bolt to pull the piston back. I discovered this on reassembly. Now I have it straight and bolt works like it should. And the trigger is somewhat better.
I still would like some info on what this gun is and why the trigger setup is so different from the other 397 triggers I've seen online???


Apr/23/2015 at 08:18PM

This is a picture of a Sheridan and a Benjamin Sheridan

that came in for repair
The trigger is quite common, depending on how many you come across.
The trigger on the bottom is of Sheridan design before Benjamin
bought them out. and in my opinion far superior to the Benjamin trigger.

Be safe show safe teach safe and allow others to enjoy


Apr/28/2015 at 10:03AM

I see...

Yeah that one looks much better. I think I have this one as good as I can get it without changing the spring behind the trigger. And then I might have issues with the bolt lock. Guess I'll leave it alone...


Mar/04/2017 at 11:42AM

Very nice gun.

It's a Benjamin Sheridan Silver Streak. I used to have one just like that way back in the day. I bought it new, and it was a rocker safety version. I wish I still had it. My father also had a Benjamin Sheridan Blue Streak with a rocker safety that his father bought when my fathers father was a boy. Man, that gun was a old one to boot. I don't know what happened to that one. I think I lost it in a move. But yes, very nice gun indeed.

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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 813 Members, 1 users online ( 0 Members, 1 Guests )