RWS Diana 54

22 cal

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By: dave Date: April 14, 2009

I really screwed up when I got this piece of work...It shot so high that I ran out of elevation clicks on the scope...The scope rail is soft cast aluminum and not made to be replaced....If you do you will F.U.B.A.R. and will only be able to use the iron sites. This rifle is a freaking design abortion and secret revenge from sadistic German engineers. I should have bought a Condor instead of pissing off all the repair and adjustment money on this P.O.C. IF YOU THINK I'M FULL OF CRAP,,,YOU WANT TO BUY ONE ....CHEAP

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Highly Recommended
By: Rob3dr Date: June 20, 2006

I've owned the RWS 54 for about 3 years now and I still enjoy this gun. Its quite heavy to lug around, but for a bench shooter, it's great.

The weight does balance out suprisingly well though.

My 54 untuned will push 14.3 grain Premiers at around 840fps. JSB Exacts also do well in this gun. The Kodiaks and heavier pellets do not do so well.

At 30-40 yards, I can regularly get dime sized groups with no problem if I do my part. On a windless day, I can get Quarter sized groups at 50 yards and even at that range, this gun has plenty of power for hunting or pest control.

Not for a smaller shooter, the 54 with scope, mounts will weigh around 10lbs.

The gun has a unique feature that will dampen the recoil felt by the shooter. This does not mean, however that you dont need GOOD scope mounts and a springer rated scope. I find the RWS C-mount to be a bit awkward but have heard good things about the Beeman one peice mount. Currently, I have a BKL 260 mount with a Bushnell Legend scope and its holding up well.

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Highly Recommended
By: Dave J Date: March 3, 2006

I have had my RWS model 54 (22 cal) for about six months now and have really enjoyed this gun. I mounted a BushnellŽ EliteŽ 3200 Rifle Scope using a B-Square mount.

The accuracy of this combination is fantastic. I have an indoor range in my basement and can drive the pellet into the same hole time after time. I have shot about 5000 pellets through the gun and it just keeps getting better. I also am a big fan of the recoiless feature the gun has.

The only complant I have is it's weight, at 10 lbs with scope, hunting this fall will work up a sweat toting it around, but headshots on squirrels will very easy using this rig.

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Highly Recommended
By: DR Johnson Date: February 25, 2006

Out of the box, Sighted and Ready to Shoot !

I checked out minor lubrication points, wiped it down.

Chose my pellet.

Then held it up on my hip and pulled the side cocking lever back for the first time.

Loaded, took aim, and shot.

The action in this rifle is amazing.

I hardly felt it fire.

Another thing I was impressed by was how quiet it was compared to other pellet rifles.

I am awaiting the delivery of the scope mounts as of today.

I plan on mounting a Nikon Buck Master 3x9x40.

So far I am nothing but impressed with a quality piece !

I purchased mine at Mid South Shooter Supply for $458 w/o scope.

No one has come close to this price.

I highly reccomend.

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