Haenel 303

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By: Karl Steffens Date: May 15, 2011

The 303 is quite a basic Rifle with no grooves or mounting block for telescopic sights. It has a medium weight and average size. The accuracy and strength is very good, it is well made and can take some beating. I bought my model on the internet secondhand for only 26 €uros, which was quite a bargin concidering the good quality. There are 3 different Models : 1. older type rounded stock 2. newer type square edge stock 3. 303 super with a Match type stock and peep sights.

I can recomend this Rifle for plinking and shooting small pests like rats.

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Highly Recommended
By: Olin Enzor Date: January 25, 2010

I bought my Haenel 303-8 Super at a department store in East Berlin in 1989. I think I paid the equavalent of $35 US Dollars. It's a sweetheat of a gun. I use it primarily for varmint control around the house. It will easily dispatch a squirel at 20-30 yards. The model number stamped on the spring chamber is "303 Super" but the manual that came with the gun reads "Modell 303-8 Super".

Recently, I noticed the accuracy and range wasn't as good as it was when I purchased it. Shame on me for not oiling the thing in 20 years, but that sort of lends testament to the quality of the gun. I took it apart using two different size screwdrivers and nothing else. Cleaned the spring bore and oiled the leather pad and put it back together. All in about an hour. By the way, the proper way to oil it is through the air discharge hole in the spring chamber where the barrel chamber mates to the spring chamber when closed and ready to shoot.

Since the cleaning, at 25 yards, I can consistently put shots with in a 1.5 inch circle free-handed and within a half an inch using a rest. The sights take some getting used to but once mastered are deadly accurate. Only issue I have is that the sights are difficult to use in low light (dusk and dawn).

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By: Dan Nolen Date: December 10, 2007

The Haenel 303 that I (actually I bought it for my wife lol)possess is in .177 caliber; so isn't suitable for hunting. It is an older air rifle of the spring piston break-barrel variety created in the former East Germany. The overall craftsmanship is excellent; following the Haenel tradition of fine rifles and pistols. I purchased mine for a song as inoperative; sent it to John of JGairguns.....and he sent me back a sweetheart of a rifle.

It is capable of groups all under 1/4 inch (with a rest; this shooter isn't steady enough to get quite that offhand lol)at 30 yards with the built in iron sights and using Crosman Premiers. The trigger is a bit heavy, but breaks cleanly, requiring only a few shots to get the "feel" of the rifle.

It is surprisingly light, probably only weighing 6 or 7 pounds, even though it is made of quality metal and wooden parts. Nothing cheap about this gun except the sights are garden variety airgun sights (my rear sight is NOT original).

One easy break of the barrel to compress the spring piston (my wife can do it easily), insert the pellet, and bullseye!

She has never shot iron sights before and was consistently grouping under a half an inch at 30 yards.

Overall a very nice rifle for plinking or paper........I would NOT attempt to hunt with it. Probably has 700 fps or so; definitely NOT magnum class.

She loves it...and so do I.

Feel free to ask any questions you have. :)


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By: Erik Date: February 25, 2007

My uncle got this gun from East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall. It has a nice wood stock and is a break action gun. I do not know the fps but it goes pretty fast. The only problem with mine is that the sites do not adjust in small enough increments. Other than that it shoots well.

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