Feinwerkbau FWB-300S

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By: black_beard Date: May 9, 2010

The FWB 300s is a superb example of German engineering at its finest, representing excellent value considering the overall quality. I have owned mine for nearly 20 yrs and it has never let me down, requiring only common sense maintenance. It is THE most accurate rifle I have shot, and never fails to flatter. I love it!

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Highly Recommended
By: hop Date: April 11, 2010

Smoooooth.. No felt recoil. Bang for the buck at 5-6 hundred $s. At least as capable as you are, Olymic grade shooters excepted, maybe. Too heavy to take a walk with, nor is it intended to be carried hunting. Mine shoots 8g pellets at 600fps at a mile high. Rated at .040" accuracy. I'm only capable of an elongated hole, 5 shots at 10 meters, but that's my fault.

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Highly Recommended
By: Karl Brohan Date: February 7, 2010

My endorsement is simply this: If you can find one,

buy it! The FWB 300s/Running Boar is the finest

sidelever, semi-recoiless, spring piston target rifle

ever made. Now, that is quite an endorsement. The

300s I have has a beautiful figured stock. The trigger

is superb Feinwerkbau. The fit and finish is visually

very satisfying. While you're at it, pick up

a model 65 pistol. It uses the same technology. You won't

be disappointed!

The 300s was only unseated in Olympic competition when

Walther unleashed their single-stroke pneumatic LGR,

a technological step in magnitude. Let me qualify that

statement. That statement applies only for Olympic quality shooters talented enough to even NOTICE the difference!

Own a piece of history and feel confident the FWB 300s rifle, even at its growing age, is easily more accurate than a fairly large number of other spring piston rifles presently being sold on the world market. My only

regret is that I personally am not the fine shooting specimen that this magnificent Feinwerkbau begs me to be!

Now that I have finished bloviating, I must point out

that this is not a sporter or a hunter. It is a 10 metre

rifle. It is exceptional at punching holes in paper or,

in my case, knocking the derriere off yellow jackets within 10m!

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Highly Recommended
By: a41capt Date: January 8, 2010

The best side-cocker I've ever fired, bar none! My FWB 300S consistently gives me one ragged-hole groups offhand at 10 meters with original sights or scope. Its accuracy is only limited by me!

They can be expensive for an older airgun, but believe me, they're worth every penny on the shooting line. Would I rather have a PCP for competition? Of course! But at the price I paid for my FWB 300S, I couldn't begin to touch another PCP that is as competitive as my 27 year old Feinwerkbau.

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Highly Recommended
By: Vagrant Date: December 11, 2007

Strictly target velocity but at 10 meters the MOST accurate gun of any kind I own, or have ever shot !!!!!

3 round groups can go through a .22 hole and never touch the paper ! I've lit "strike anywhere" matches by nicking the head and split pellets by shooting a razor blade !!!

What more could you ask for ?

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