Farco Air Shotgun

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By: Farco Date: March 8, 2012

Got one love it ,one big bang with kick butt power

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By: Steve Date: September 3, 2009

Just a comment in regarss to the Farco breaking clays - it can be done, but you have to charge with air (or nitrogen)to about 1200-1400 PSI. Even then, you will only get 3-4 useful shots. I have experimented for years with breaking clays, and the answer tuyned out to be simple - use air and load the shells with toilet paper. In loading the shells, take a .40 inch diameter (approx.) dowel and fold a single sheet of single-ply toilet paper onto the end. Carefully push this into the shell and fold back the portion of paper that does not go into the shell, like a funnel, so that you have a "cup" of toilet paper inside the shell. Put in no more than 180 grains of #6 shot (smaller sizes DON'T work for clays) and stuff-in the rest of the paper behind it, keeping the shell firmly pressed agains the work surface. This is only about 90 pieces of shot, so it's not much. Then, as a final pusher-wad, put in a card board or cork wad on top of the compacted paper. The shell should now have a thin (one ply) over-wad holding the shot in. It is a little fragile, but worth the extra effort. This load gives be about 590 FPS in my Farco, and will reliably break clays even out to 30 yards. You will see an instant increase in pattern tightness too with this method. My theory is that the toilet paper opens and prevents the pusher wad from spoiling the pattern, as I have experimented with discentigrating overwads in the past which had no effect on tightening the pattern.

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By: Dan Nolen Date: December 11, 2007

The Farco Air Shotgun. This was introduced into the US in perhaps the very late 80's or so. Only a few hundred ever came over from the Philippines; those few that remain are quite a coveted collector's item.

I have one, it is NOT for sale, and I love it. It comes with 12 beveled brass shells that fit inside the .28 gauge barrel. These shells are provided ends from cork or another suitable material.....or they are fitted with a sabot to hold a ball, and a ball of .497 or so is seated in the sabot which is in turn seated in the brass shell.

One can choose to use different types of shot instead of the saboted ball; it is all about one's preference.

At the muzzle, the gun generates around 100 fpe.

It is capable of penetrating 3/4 inch plywood at 50 yards.

It is AMAZINGLY accurate........and can hit anything accurately with either shot or ball at 30 yards without offsetting one's sight picture.

The gun comes with rifle sights; an oddity in a shotgun, that's for certain. They are quite easy to use, however, and the fun begins! The gun comes accompanied with a wad cutter and a 10 oz Farco CO2 bottle. If you want to fill the bottle, you will have to do it yourself; the dealers won't touch it. Adapters exist to fill both the gun and the bottle from paintball bottles.

This is a bolt action gun that is very long.....surprising well balanced, and feels good to an experienced shotgunner.

It will NOT shoot clays......It will NOT shoot birds on the wing......

When fired, it makes this odd staccato sound....

It is a great gun and recommend it to any airgun enthusiast.

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