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By: Mark Spencer Date: January 21, 2013

after receiving, I replaced all plastic parts... grip, sights & trigger guard. added a Bug buster scope along with BSA laser, and also a steel compenstor. I refinished stock and replaced trigger. Finally, I gave the piece a good cleaning and I now have a very nice, extremely accurate quality rifle.

I have seen a few referrences to adding a gas ram to this rifle, but have been unable to find any info regarding what companies offer to convert to gas ram.

Can anyone help me with this?

If you have had this rifle converted to gas ram, please provide information as to the company that provided the installation as well as the cost involved to make the conversion.

Thank you very much for any information.

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Highly Recommended
By: larry Date: March 7, 2012

hay guys i have the qb57 and i love it!!!

i have the .22cal but i want a .177 barrel

if annyone can tell me where i can get one plese e mail

me at ************@************

it would be well appreshated!!

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By: David Mathers Date: June 25, 2010

The QB 57 delux side-lever take down rifle offers good value and reasonable power in a convenient, compact format. It is supplied complete with a 4x20 scope and a tin of Industry Brand pellets in a portable carry case. I ordered the .22 cal version.

The finish on the metal parts and wood stock is quite acceptable in this price range. Cocking effort is modest. The rifle feels very solid and balances well. Only the trigger guard, pistol grip and front sight are plastic. The trigger safety is not automatic but there is an automatic anti-beartrap lever.

Given the small loading port, the risk of finger injury on premature discharge is appreciable. It is advisable to block the cocking lever with an arm when loading this gun. This makes pellet loading a little awkward. The right-hand mounted cocking lever causes some inconvenience for left-handed shooters.

The supplied pellets should be discarded immediately. The tin may well contain undersized pellets which fall into or completely through the barrel. There is a high risk of dry-fires with possible seal damage. Crosman Premier hollow-points fit the breech well.

Perhaps due to its bullpup layout, this gun has a surprisingly loud report and ear protection is advisable for basement shooting. The gun is quite powerful and the Crosman hollow points will penetrate about 250 pages of a phonebook at 6 m.

Accuracy with the supplied scope was non-existent when firing at 6 m range. This may have been due to a large parallax error incurred using a scope lacking an adjustable objective and optimized for longer ranges. Fortunately, the iron sights are adjustable, offer a clear sight-picture and hold their zero well. Accuracy with these sights is acceptable for informal 6 m target shooting.

A decent scope for this rifle could easily cost more than the rifle, requiring as it does very long eye-relief and parallax correction down to 10 m target ranges. A red-dot sight is a lower cost alternative.

The breech-receiver securing nut has a tendency to work loose during repeated firing. This problem can be largely obviated by opening the breech port slightly while tightening the nut home. This procedure also greatly facilitates take down.

Overall, I am pleased with this rifle and would recommend it. It is probably not a good choice for a junior shooter due to the lack of an automatic safety and the risk of hand injury inherent in spring guns.

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Highly Recommended
By: 2RCHA Date: August 8, 2009

I purchased my .22 QB-57 Deluxe from South Summit 2 yrs ago for around $65 and well worth every cent. The exact same gun is being sold here in Canada at anywhere from $120 to $160, which are also DeTuned as not to exceed 500fps, anyway's my QB-57 stock put's a 14.3gr. Crosman Field Point downrange at 600fps, and an RWS HVP at 785fps, with extreme accuracy. It`s a solid, very well built piece of kit, 2 piece "BullPup" design, and what`s really cool is that you can also purchase a .177 barrel for this gun and have both caliber`s being able to use the same power plant, You can easily go from shooting a .22 Crosman pellet @ 600fps, to shooting a 7.9gr .177 Crosman pellet @ 800fps. The stock and forestock are made of Chinese Beech, and the barrel is 18" of ordnance grade steel, it's heavy, so get a shotgun sling for any field use, it has fairly good sight's, and a "DoveTail" rail for scope/red-dot. My gun seems to prefer Crosman ammo(which seat perfectly), This fine weapon also comes with an adjustable butt-pad which is a rather nice feature. Look's, Power, Compact Design all make for a great combination in this shooter, I highly recommend this springer!, Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

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Highly Recommended
By: Jason Date: June 12, 2008

this is a good gun i threw away the scope that came with it.

this is a fun little varmint hunter and pretty good quality stock. be sure you tighten the grip for the lever because mine slipped off and came down and smashed my fingers all to hell.

i added a bipod and put a nice 3-9x42mm scope. extremely accurate once you clean it.

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By: r1derbike Date: December 4, 2007

Have one of these in .22 Cal. A diamond in the rough, but a decent shooter, and a heckuva "yard" gun.

I really like the novelty takedown feature. Cool points.

Have a BSA Red Dot on it, and it is one of my favorite "fun" guns, next in line behind my Umarex/Beretta CX4 Storm.

A definite "worth the money" rifle.


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Highly Recommended
By: Tom Date: November 9, 2007

This is the best gun ever. The scope is.t much but it works.

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Not Recommended
By: john Date: May 21, 2007


i got chance to play with one of these and let me say from the start- it's the worse gun i've ever shot, i almost bought the very rifle that i trie but a friend snapped it up before me, boy WAS I GLAD, he asked me to set it up for him, i told him to throw the scope in the bin- it was worse than useless and on the open sights it wasn't much better, it wouldn't adjust to better than 8" @ 2 o'clock- yes that's eight inches high and right, the barrel appeared to be bent as well as the forestock being mounted out of square, a truley 'thrown together' there are other reviews on here that are so positive, this can only lead me to think that my pal was just very unlucky in recieving this awful lump of metal and cheap chinese firewood, regards, john.

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Highly Recommended
By: John Spencer Date: March 10, 2007

I have owned my .22 QB57 for 6 months. Straight out of the box I was impressed.The design impressed me but the wood finish was dowly,but I knew that I could change that,no problem.

I desided to test it with my favorite pellets,Crow Magnums.

These are a heavy 18.20 gr. Accuracy with the supplied scope was terrible. Groups were all over the place. I then tried the iron sights and found them brilliant. Even thought I am no iron sight expert, I was able to achieve 1/2 inch ctc groups at 10 mtrs. I binned the supplied scope and fitted a red dot sight to try a spot of Can Mangling at 30 mts.It took only 5 shots to zero in.Thats how good the QB57 is.I decided to Chrony this little beauty and see what poundage it produced. With Crow Magnums I was dissapointed to find it registered a measly 6.5fps.

Right. A strip down was called for, So out came the tool box and my trusty spring compressor.Dissasembly turned out to be straight forward.I soon had all the parts spread out on the bench.Putting the acction into the spring compressor saw the spring and piston out of the way in less than 2minutes.I spent around 3 hours honing the cylinder to a fine pollish.Next the spring was changed for a new one out of an XSB3-1 cleaning kit.I had no hesitation in using this spring as it was only 2 coils longer than the original.Before installing it I honed it and polished the cut ends.Next came a carefull moly grease of all the parts.Before reasembly, I decided to check the transfer port.Very carefully I opened it up a mere touch.

OK time to put my baby together again.This took around 10mins. Then back to the range to Chrony the QB57 and see what the results of the strip down would reveal.

The first thing I noticed was everything was much smoother and cocking,even with an extra 2 coils of spring was realy easy.Selecting a Crow Magnum pellet I put it through the Chrony and was amazed to find,that the fps had shot up to a very satisfying 10.5fps.Yikes! Now this was more like it.I put 10 shots through the Chrony to verify that the first reading was not a fluke.Out of the 10 shots I found a variation of between 10.5fps highest to 10fps.Now I am not sure about the reader, but for me the power of this .22 rifle is quite adequate for my needs.

Is this the end of my account? NO! I decided,seeing that I was using a good quality Red Dot sight, I would remove the iron sights and shorten the barrel to 12inch from muzzle to breach.The iron sights were a doddle to remove. 10minutes with a hacksaw and all that remained was to recrown the cut end of the barrel.The result? No loss of power and no decrease in accuracy.Mind you.I now have to buy myself a good silencer because the crack when firing,is as loud as my .22 rimfire.I can tell you this,me and my beautyful QB57 are going to be together for a long time.Go on,buy one in .22, you wont regret it.END

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By: Navycop Date: December 11, 2006

I bought my QB57 bullpup from SouthSummit in mid November 06. I'll agree with Robsalguz, the supplied scope is just a toy! I gave it to my 5 y/o son to play with since the crosshair adjustments didn't even work.

It will be replaced with a Leapers TS or TF 4x32AO soon.

IMO the wood finish and blueing is quite good for $55.

The barrel assembly does attach a little to the side as mentioned in a review elsewhere, but doesn't seem to be enough to really affect anything.

I had to wipe it down a little when I opened the box and threw the supplied pellets away. They were quite buggered up and unusable.

I lubed all pivot points with Crosman PellGun Oil and tightened ALL of the screws I could find.

I also cleaned the barrel with an AOA pull-thru kit.

It fired a little oil for about 15 shots but nevered dieseled.

It now seems to be a good shooter with a snappy recoil although a tad loud (IMO).

Last night I was punching ragged holes the size of a dime offhand at 10m. Remember to pull back the cocking handle a half inch or so and tighten the lock nut well, it will stay put!

I am seriously considering buying another one w/out the case just to have a spare. The latches aren't the best.

This rifle is just too much fun and I'm 36 y/o!

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By: old airguner Date: December 6, 2006

I bought this gun a week ago from SouthSummit after I read the b-57 review at I used to own the b-21, b-3,and qb-36 many years ago and they all ended up in the dumpster because they broke and lacked accuracy. Nothing fascinated me about them until last year I gave chinese airguns one more chance to be their customer. Last year I bought me a b-40 from Very high quality. I couldn't believe it that the Chinese could make a better airgun and I love it very much so I ordered the b-57 which is a great looking gun. I am reviewing this gun because I like it. I had put about 50 pellets through it and it is still smoking because it has not broken in yet. This gun is pretty small and short, but packs alot of power and accuracy. I am totally satisfied with this gun and plan to buy another one soon.

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Highly Recommended
By: deano Date: April 23, 2006

Definately one of the best Chinese rifles money can buy. Invest in a Gas strut for it and you can consistantly get 1,000 FPS @ 11.7 ft/lbs using Crosman Acupels.

Very well balanced and pretty well made , junk the standard scope and fit some decent red-dots or scope with peep-thru high mounts , and you have a very practical hunting tool.

It will easily despatch smaller quarry (Crows and Pigeons) upto 100 yards , and rabbits (head-shot) upto about 60 yards.

Putting it together is easy peasy , but remember to pull the side lever back slightly before giving it its final tighten....otherwise you lose a little bit of pressure.

Find a better TDR take down rifle for this price....I think not.

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Highly Recommended
By: Robsalguz Date: April 12, 2006

Lots of fun!!! One of the best chinese toys ever offered!

The package includes a 4x20 scope, a box of chinese pellets, instruction manual, a plastic case.

This little rifle is well balanced and very comfortable to use. It belongs to the “bull up” configuration of rifles (like the French FAMAS, the British L85 series or the Steyr assault rifle). Its design is based in the spring side lever type of air rifles. This side lever is not hard to pull compared to the power it develops when fired.

The rifle can be assembled in seconds by putting together the barrel group with the receiver by turning a big knurled nut.

When you are assembling it, you feel yourself like a sniper. It doesn’t loose its sight adjustment in the process because the sights are together in the barrel group; this makes this rifle something special.

This rifle comes with adjustable open sights. The rear sight can be adjusted for L/R only. The front sight is the one you adjust for height, just like the M-16 series of assault rifles.

There is a little compartment in the pistol grip that can be used to store pellets or can be completely opened to store oil droplets or a little cloth to use for your shooting glasses; maybe you’ll like to store in there a pair of Allen wrenches (only two sizes are used in the rifle) or whatever you like.

These rifles are relatively powerful, accurate and well balanced.

It is well manufactured for the price.

The plastic carrying case that comes with it is well padded and really protects the rifle. It is rigid and strong.

The stock is adjustable. This feature makes this rifle very comfortable for any shooter size or for prone shooting.

The rifle comes complete from the factory, including a 4 x 20 scope and a box of Chinese pellets. Chinese ammo that comes with it is awful (big tolerances and in bad shape – never seen worst in my life).

This rifle comes with an automatic and very simple bear trap safety which is very functional. This safety works really well but must be kept clean for it to work properly.

When using a scope or any other type of sight, the rear iron open sight can be put away by turning it down. This keeps the sight protected while not in use and it is always ready and available in case you break or have a scope failure. Just put away the scope, turn up the rear sight and you are in business again. The rear sight keeps its zero in the process

The pistol grip is big and comfortable for everyone. The wood color is nice and attractive.

The power plant uses a synthetic seal and is well done.

As you can see, I have been very honest in my report. Obviously, this is not a recoilless PCP Olympic match rifle but instead it is a very modest rifle with a lot of potential, well done and with an excellent price.

Less that an inch groups can be shoot from the bench.

Preferable to take a look at the rifle before buy it to avoid getting one with misalignments or cosmetic flaws.

One more thing: the scope, trash it and get a better one: This little rifle deserves it as it is very accurate.


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