Beeman Kodiak


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By: Martin Date: March 28, 2010

I bought mine used just over a year ago after my disappointing experience with the Hatsan made Patriot which ultimately got returned to Pyramydair. Mine is in .25 caliber and is completely stock. As you may already know the Kodiak is a carbon copy of the Webley Patriot and is of UK manufacture.

Comparing the fit and finish of the Hatsan patriot to the UK version is night and day! The fit and finish of the Kodiak/Patriot is magnificent, I have not examined another airgun that has the same quality and luster of bluing that the Kodiak/Patriot!

This is a magnum class springer and the weight and the heft of this rifle Certainly bears that out. The cocking effort runs close to 50lbs and as such doesn't make this rifle a good plinker. The power this rifle produces certainly puts it squarely in the hunting rifle category.

Shooting mine reveals the trigger to be smooth but not too light, it is only adjustable for length of pull, the second stage is a bit long but considering the spring and piston it holds back I'm not too surprised. The rifle is quite loud and has a bit of twang on the firing cycle. The amount of felt recoil is high for an air rifle but application of an artillery hold and plenty of practice this rifle delivers the goods.

Accuracy with familiarization and practice is excellent. Using open sights I was regularly getting 5 shot groups between 5/8"-3/4" CTC. Scoped up with a Hawke Airmax I can get the groups to as little as 3/8" CTC. The .25 pellet certainly puts the hurt on small critters with squirrels being the main target for mine, shoot throughs are typical at 25yds.

Overall this rifle is a great tool for those looking for a high powered springer for hunting and pest control. I wouldn't recommend it as a first rifle for a novice. A well made bit of kit that delivers the goods.

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By: mark Date: November 12, 2009

I bought this gun 8 or 9 years ago, and have nothing but high praise and admiration for it. First of all, it rivals any rifle, let alone air rifles for, for craftsmanship and handsomeness. This is a very masculine gun, from it's heft at 9 lbs., to it's deep blued finish,and beautiful wood stock.

As for power, the .22 cal. which I shoot, has power to spare, punching through a stainless coffee mug with no problem with the silver arrow pellets, and putting a massive dent with the crow magnum pellets.

Accuracy is unparalleled, and with the silver arrow pellets,doing serious damage to nickles and pennies at 40 yards. Squirrels have no chance with either the silver arrow or crow magnums.

The Kodiak is also very durable, with no loss of power or accuracy since I've owned it; and I've taken thousands of shots.

In my opinion, there is no better gun to be shot. Period.

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By: edward Date: November 6, 2006

i have had this gun for about 3 years and got the .22 this gun has a lot of power. I target shoot at 70 yards and it shoots reasonably flat out to that range. beware of any scope you put on it, it will break the cheap ones, and it is extreamly picky about the pellet you use, and your shooting hold on the gun. but after you get use to it it is a very good shooter.

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