Crosman Pumpmaster Classic PC77

Made in USA With (SOME) foreign parts 2010


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By: jim holland Date: October 23, 2012

I bought my Pumpmaster PC77 almost a year ago and I have put thousands and thousands of shots through it. The pumping mechanism feels more solid and tougher than on the "standard" Classic. On that one the pump handle almost drops down by itself now after two years. Not so with this gun. After all those pumps it still feels as tough and solid as when it came out of the box.

By compressing and rotating the main trigger spring you can adjust the trigger pretty well to your liking, better than on the 2300t.

This has become my favorite gun by far(I own seven airguns, five of them Crosmans)!

In short: easily affordable, solid, highly accurate, adjustable power, low noise and (to some extent) an adjustable trigger. Buy it!

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By: Ray Date: August 18, 2010


I bought this air pistol from Walmart for $54.00. I called Crosman to ask what is the difference between the Crosman 1377 and Crosman Pumpmaster Classic PC77.

I was told there is no difference other than the Crosman "Pumpmaster Classic Model PC77 is marketed to Walmart "only"

Back to the review----------I found this pistol to be very accurate right out of the box. The only complaint I have with this pistol is the trigger. It is not easy to pull and seems as though it needs to be "broken in" to smooth out the pull.

This web site does indicate that there is a difference between the two:

Hope this review helps.


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