Sheridan Pro Hunter EB17

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Average Thumbs

By: Taffylad Date: February 25, 2007

Had my eb17 around 2 months now and found it to be very accurate,quite noisey so not a lot of use near other properties, the trigger is the worst I have ever experienced, a long and pretty rough action.

Power is very variable, mine runs between 2ftlbs and 5 ftlbs over 5 shots.quite expensive on co2 but then I do live in U.K.

Solidly built, should last for years, painted finish is poor as it will rub off at the slightest contact with anything. In spite of it's failings I would still recommend it, after all its very cheap in U.S.over here it's 114.Some people have reported the bolt too rough on fingers, I have not found this to be so even after 450 shots per session,the pistol grips on mine were offset slightly looking like they where put on just before going home for the weekend, but this can be sorted easly enough.

Buy one they are fun.

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Highly Recommended
By: rl8792 Date: November 21, 2006

Excellent gun to fire. Very well made. Great performance. Very loud when it fires. New ones cost about $119.

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