Benjamin 132

1946 thru 1985 Lead BB


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By: Jon from Olympia Date: August 14, 2012

A perfect airgun for the backyard, it's as heavy as a regular .22 so it is great practice. also perfect to teach kids the basics. If you can find one at a garage sale don't be afraid to buy it, they can be fixed for a reasonable amount and last another 50 years.

Know what you are buying, it isn't a hunter, but I sometimes load it with the flat nosed wad cutters and chase the deer out of my yard.

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By: Fred Date: August 6, 2011

The Benjamin 132 is a vintage pneumatic air pistol in .22 caliber. It fits the bill well for plinking and informal target shooting. It can also be used to eliminate small pests. Although it is more powerful than it's contemporary, the Crosman 130, it is not powerful enough for hunting. Maximum power is achieved with 10 strokes and is in the neighborhood of 400 fps with 14gr pellets. Accuracy is good enough for a 1 inch grouping at 25 ft. Sights are very basic but adjustable for elevation and windage.

The only current offering in pumpers I am aware of is the Crosman 1377 series. I prefer the old Benjamin because it is more compact and has no plastic parts except for the grips. I also like the looks of these older pistols because their form follows function- no fake vents or levers to simulate fire-arms.

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