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Benjamin Discovery Custom Airgun Parts

Benjamin Discovery Muzzle Brake

Threaded with 1/2x20
Threads Comes with Thread Protector

Front Sight Adjustable





 Benjamin Discovery Power Adjuster

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This 5 part power adjuster fills the need for the degasser, power adjuster & spring guide all
wrapped in to one useful package. With this Power Adjuster you can release the Co2 or hpa without loosing your
power setting, all setting are maintained so you can keep your FPS & FPE
therefore retaining your point of impact and scope setting.

  Benjamin Discovery Power Adjuster Installation Instructions


  Benjamin Discovery Trigger with Spring Guide


  Benjamin Discovery Hose Keeper.

Keep  your high pressure pump hose safe from dirt, car doors, trunk lids and feet.  Your hose attaches the same way to the keeper as you attach your hose to the Benjamin.

 To mount you will need to drill a 1/4 hole on the foot pad of your pump, insert the supplied screw and tighten. Other models available, email for more information.



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