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Chinese Airgun Safety

 Air  Gun Safety



Safety of the spring powered Chinese airguns has come into question and rightly so the bear trap fails severing thumbs cutting chunks out of fingers unwanted discharges shabby manufacturing with out any regard for safety the proof we like to say is in the safety and on some Chinese air guns there are no safeties and there's your proof. Here is a proven method we use on all our Chinese spring powered airguns.

 This is a very simple and effective way to protect your fingers when loading Chinese airguns, after cocking your air gun slip the saftypin in to the chamber after loading pull it out by the string. You can make them  (Diagram) or we sell them for 2.49 including shipping
Pictures of the pin and gun

BB and pellet guns are widely purchased for children and teenagers. Although these firearms are often thought of as “toy guns” they can cause serious injury and death just as any other type of firearm.

Due to the increased concern over BB and pellet gun-related injuries, 14 states have enacted laws regulating the sale to those under 16 years of age and in some the age minimum has been raised to 18 years.

On average in the U.S., there are approximately 30,000 persons with BB and pellet re lated injuries. The majority (81% of those injured are children and teenager (CDC, 1995).

Between the years 1980-2000 at least 63 deaths have been caused from these types of firearms (U.S. Consumer Product Committee, 2001).

It has been documented that children using multiple pump BB and pellet guns can achieve velocities as high as 900 ft/sec. This velocity is comparable to many traditional powder handguns whose velocity may only be 700-800 ft/sec

The wounding effect of any missile, such as a bullet or pellet, is a function of its size or speed. A pellet traveling at the mere velocity of 130 ft/sec can penetrate the human eye; at 350 ft/sec it can break through skin and penetrate some bone

Projectiles from air guns account for 63% of eye injuries that occur in recreational injuries

Often, the majority of injuries result from an unintentional shooting of an adolescent male who either shot himself or was shot by a friend, acquaintance or relative

A high percentage of those shooting injuries occur in and around the home where there is no adult supervision


(School Boy Death Air Gun)

(Boy Shot With Airgun dies )

This was done by an RWS-48 at about 15 yards. The gun accidentally discharged and hit inside right arm as I was setting up targets. The Gamo Master Point penetrated the skin and traveled toward my hand tearing the flesh and muscle on its way to a dead stop on the bone 2 small veins cut and a loss of tissue. Some people still don’t think air guns are dangerous. I've been shooting for 30+ years never close to any thing like this. Trust no one or anything mechanical. I posted this to let the unaware see the damage air-guns can do after you get past the 300 fps gun, watch those adjustable triggers. That’s a 2 1/2 inch cut with meat removed.

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