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To keep listings as accurate as possible comments should include
Multi Pumpers - The number of pumps used
PCPs - The amount of pressure used & if there is a low medium and high setting the setting used
Custom Airguns
Custom Airguns must be listed as custom, a custom 2240 is still a 2240 you can list who did the
custom work but the builder is still Crosman. example: Crosman 2240 by Crosman
PelletCaliberPellet WeightMuzzle VelocityMeasure MethodAmbient TempCommentSubmitted
Gamo 440 10 -12-09 Stock Daisy Maxspeed Pointed 177 6.9 grs 991.7 Master Chrony 72 humid Cleaned pellets befor use and lubed with Napier lube.Surprisingly accurate.The only thing that shot faster was Gamo pba's (1167fps.) One of my smoothest shooting stock Gamo's Jim Butler
Gamo 1000 Shadow 6/09/2006 Stock Gamo Magnum 177 8.4 865 chrony n/a N/A Mike Gordo
Gamo 1250 7/2/2012 Stock H&N Diabolo Pointed 22 15.94 875 Chrony Beta Chronograph n/a dissasembled and relubed ghce
Gamo 220 05/18/2013 Modified Diabolo Field 177 8.4 860 F1 Chrony 66 Low 849.4 fps,High 873.3, Avg 860, Es 23.96, Sd 8.83, five shot string Chris Nord
Gamo Big Cat 3-10-10 Stock CP 177 7.9 1026 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 50 n/a Mark
Gamo BigCat 2 July 2011 Stock Crossman Copperhead 177 8.3 905 Chrony 86 F, RH 63%, BP 30.01 na Rosser
Gamo CFX 10 17 09 Stock RWS Superdom 177 8.2 grms. 920.2 Chrony 67 Rema.10 shot av. Best $135.00 I have spent on an air rifle to date. Smooth shooting cycle tack driver Jim Butler
Gamo CFX January 24, 2007 Stock RWS Superdome 177 8.3 850 Chrony n/a Out of the box. Purchased as a refurbished unit Fred S.
Gamo Delta 02/01/2007 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9gr 530 Chrony n/a This was a refurb sold by Natchez. A little crude but accurate. Vince
Gamo Hunter Pro 10-13-07 stock Beeman Lazer 177 6.5g 931.3 Alpha Chrony 65 Stock gun. N.E.Dan
GAMO Hurricane 1250 5/20/2006 stock Crosman Copperhead 22 14.3 879.2 upd n/a I bought this gun at the gun show in original box as a used gun I was told it was stock and used very little Rick
Gamo Shadow 05/25/06 Stock Gamo Match .177 7.5 920 Chrony n/a Out of the box Vince
Gamo Viper Desert 4/7/2009 stock Gamo Match Diablo 22 14,9 grains 722 fps n/a 30 C It is amazingly beautiful. I killed an apple! RossM

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