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To keep listings as accurate as possible comments should include
Multi Pumpers - The number of pumps used
PCPs - The amount of pressure used & if there is a low medium and high setting the setting used
Custom Airguns
Custom Airguns must be listed as custom, a custom 2240 is still a 2240 you can list who did the
custom work but the builder is still Crosman. example: Crosman 2240 by Crosman
PelletCaliberPellet WeightMuzzle VelocityMeasure MethodAmbient TempCommentSubmitted
Daisy 880 (metal reciever) 9-8-15 Modified jsb 177 10.34 640-680 other 82f 1970\'s daisy 880 with new style one piece valve and shot tube rifiled. used dremmel tool to grind down metal to retrofit new valve and bolt. 10 pumps 50mm ao scope accurate out to 30 yrds new daisy 880 with good scope will out shoot older daisy 880 with metal reciever fact older 880\'s have smoothbore barrels i own both kenbrown
Daisy Powerline 1000s 05/14/06 Stock Crosman 177 7.9 905 upd n/a n/a Walker
Daisy Powerline 1000S 3-2-2011 Stock Crosman Pointed 177 7.9gn 947 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 65 stock rifle broken in over three years five shot string950, 946, 944, 951, 944 an impressive shot string with only 6fps variance15fpe a good hunting rif ES
Daisy Powerline 1000x 5/25/06 Stock Gamo Match .177 7.5 1030 Chrony n/a Deburred and lubed, but all stock parts. Vince
Daisy Powerline 1000 11/15/09 Modified RWS Superdome 177 8.3 952 Beta Master 73F Deburred, lubed, custom spring guide, cut/crowned barrel to 15" Butch Clark
Daystate Mk4 20/8/2009 Stock Falcon Accuracy Plus 177 7.33 815 Alpha Master 20c N/A K Lewis
Diana 35 08/20/07 Stock Wolverine 177 8.44 702 Alpha Chrony 74 Stock gun (HyScore branded) Tripleguy
Diana 48 Jan 24 2009 Stock Beeman Bear cub .22 14.44 825 Chrony 55 Shoots the bear cub perfect, easy to cock easy to shoot and right on target Bill Warren
Diana RWS 24 5 23 2006 Modified Predator Polymer Tip 0.22 16 435.5 chrony n/a after market spring Michael C.
Diana RWS 48 April 28 2013 Modified Daisy Orecision Max 177 7.9 952-951-953-950-952-950 Chrony Master 50deg Got my 48 back together today I did a few mods to keep it below the speed of sound. The scope rails were modified to fit mill spec scope and rings. Main spring counter balanced and weighted Ratite
Dragon Claw 290cc July 30 2014 Stock Air Venturi .50 Cal 50 cal 200 Grains 550 ish Chrony Alpha Chronograph 78 Degrees I was looking for a 50cal dog stopper and out of the box this is a great gun, not a fan of the pellet I used but the gun is a good dog stopper Ratite
Drozd BB Gun 3/24/2007 Yes Steel BB 177 5 grain 618 chrony alpha n/a installed 20 oz tank Shawn

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