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To keep listings as accurate as possible comments should include
Multi Pumpers - The number of pumps used
PCPs - The amount of pressure used & if there is a low medium and high setting the setting used
Custom Airguns
Custom Airguns must be listed as custom, a custom 2240 is still a 2240 you can list who did the
custom work but the builder is still Crosman. example: Crosman 2240 by Crosman
PelletCaliberPellet WeightMuzzle VelocityMeasure MethodAmbient TempCommentSubmitted
B 22 5/29/2006 stock Gamo Match 22 14.2 Wad Cutter 723.6 chrony n/a na B. Thomas
B21 5/25/2006 stock Predator Polymer Tip Pellet 177 8.0 786.5 chrony n/a Just did a chrony for a guy today after its been on the shelf for winter not bad for a stocker Ratite
Baikal 513 M April 20 2007 Stock Crosman Wadcutter 22 13.5 1188 Alpha Crony n/a Awsome Power Shootin Iron
Bam B19 2/15/2007 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 875 chrony n/a Its a bit harsh JR Wilson
Beeman hw97 1/22/2009 Stock Beeman Crow Magnum 20 12.80 745 Chrony 55d eg Good hard hitting Jim Mitchell
Beeman 1090 dc 9-1-09 Stock Beeman Silver Sting 22 15.2 790 chrony 70 nice gun if you can get a beeman 12.5 spring it will fit this gun chuck
Beeman 1090 dc 9-1-09 Stock Beeman Crow Mag 177 8.8 920 chrony 70 WOW need to change poi when you change barrels.Great gun for the money. Critter don't leave the yard ,keeps neighbors happy chuck
Beeman FH500 05/27/06 stock milbro caledonian .177 unknown 601fps chrony n/a cheap, accurate gun at 25 yards. jake
Beeman gh1000 5/16/2006 Stock Beeman Silver Ace 22 15.24 683 upd n/a After the first 75-100 shots the gun settled down and the shots became more accurate Rockshot
Beeman gh1000 5/20/2006 stock Gamo Magnum 0.22 15.6 725 n/a upd n/a randy
Beeman GH950 10 19 09 Stock JSB Predators 177 16grns 628.5fps Master Chrony 69.2 Humid 5 shot average 2.82 avg.v

Jim Butler
Beeman Guardian 5/22/2014 New from The Box Daisy Duck Commander 177 7.25 523 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 68 Good JR rifle and solid performer Otis Loper
Beeman HW77 7/19/16 Stock Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 967 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 n/a Dual Mag Mike
Beeman HW97 7/19/16 Fresh Rebuild Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 977fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 n/a Dual Mag Mike
Beeman Kodiak 2/24/17 Stock Air Arms 22 16 892fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 67 28.3fpe Dual Mag Mike
Beeman P17 8/9/2009 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 406 Chrony 76F Built well (for plastic gun) $40

Beeman P1 3/21/07 Stock RWS Super Dome 177 8.3 408.6 chrony n/a Good looking gun great trigger FPS way under factory spec. David R.
Beeman P1 7/19/16 Stock Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 590fps Alpha Chrony 80 Light Moly to spring Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 (Laserized) 9/15/16 Fresh Rebuild Beeman FTS 22 14.6 825 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 75 Vortek kit & buttoned piston Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 Laser 7/19/16 Fresh Rebuild Beeman FTS 177 8.6gr 1035fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 n/a Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 9/15/16 Fresh Rebuild Beeman FTS 22 14.6 785 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 75 Maccari spring on factory guide. Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 9/15/16 Modified Beeman FTS 25 20 680 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 75 Factory spring, custom guide & tophat, new seal. Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 9/15/16 Stock Beeman FTS 25 19.91gr 645fps Alpha Chrony 75 Custom made steel guide & tophat, new seal, debur & Moly coated Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R1 Jan 23 2008 Stock Beeman FTS Double Gold 20 Cal listed as 11.42 786-790-788 Chrony 65 & Rain Good all around Gun Roberts JM
Beeman R6 7/19/16 Stock Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 891 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 New old stock Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R7 7/19/16 Fresh Rebuild Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 693fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 Maccari full kit & new seal Dual Mag Mike
Beeman R8 7/19/16 Professionally Tuned Beeman Silver Bear 177 7.1gr 825fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 Vortek kit & buttoned piston Dual Mag Mike
Beeman RS1 3-2-2011 Stock Crosman Pointed 22 14.3gn 683 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 65 Rifle came with two barrels, this is the .22 barrel. Not a bad rifle but changing barrels is a lot of work to re-zero. ES
Beeman RX-2 2/20/2010 Stock Crosman Premier 177 14.3 773fps Chrony Beta Chronograph N/A Quite loud action, but have started to use ear plugs. Will master this beast if it kills me Al Piper
Beeman S1 1/18/07 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 860 Chrony n/a Largish gun, decent trigger, crude metal/wood finish Vince
Beeman Silver Kodiac RS2 3/19/2014 Self Tune Daisy Duck Commander 177 7.25 1032 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 70 Excellent rifle and well below the price point it should be at Otis Loper
Beeman/Theoben Dual Magnum 7/19/16 Stock Beeman FTS 22 14.6 875/1065fp Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 n/a Dual Mag Mike
Benjamin Discovery 1/19/2009 Stock Crosman Premier Domed 22 14.3 626 crony 48deg great gun to run on Co2 I havent counted the shots yet but there are many Rick E,M
Benjamin Discovery 4/5/2008 Stock Crosman Copperhead 22 14.3 620 Chrony 75 deg WOW great gun Walter Pratt
Benjamin 137 02/08/2015 stock Crosman Destoyer EX .177 7.4 3.60.2, 386.8, 175.1, 390.3, 398.1 Pact XP 14, deg This is a good looking small pistol, not an easy one to pump, fun to shoot from time to time Ratite
Benjamin 137 02/26/2017 Modified Daisy Precision Max 177 7.6gr 480.9 - 487.2 - 507.6 - 505.2 - 501.2 Pact XP 55deg Fresh rebuild with AGS Piston John (Airgunsmith)
Benjamin 137 04/11/2017 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.4 527.6 - 527.0 - 532.8 - 550.2 - 543.0 PACT 65 Fresh Rebuild Airgunsmith Kent
Benjamin 137 10/27/2016 Modified Daisy Precision Max .177 from 2.50 to 2.65 430.6 - 470.0 - 481.4 - 454.8 - 462.0 Pact Chronograph Pro 52deg Rebuilt with Airgunsmithg Piston and Valve Mods Kent (www.airgunsmith.com)
Benjamin 137 11/16/16 Modified Daisy Precision Max 177 7.2gr 503.3 - 473.2 - 469.3 - 496.1 - 491.3 Pact Chronograph Pro 42deg Airgunsmith Rebuilt with AGS Piston Kent (www.airgunsmith.com)
Benjamin 310 08/25/07 Stock JSB 177 8.44 637 Alpha Chrony 75 Stock - pre serial # Tripleguy
Benjamin 312 03/19/2016 Modified lightly Daisy Precision Max 22 Cal 13.4 678.8 - 638.6 - 639.7 - 652.8 - 671.0 Pact XP 35degs This Benjamin 312 was Modified with Airgunsmith cutsom Valve stem seals, check valve seal and custom Piston. More can be done but the gun is old with old wood, care needs to be taken or cracks will appear

Kent (www.airgunsmith.com)
Benjamin 312 08/25/07 Stock croman premier 22 14.3 631 Alpha Chrony 75 Stock - 1968 Tripleguy
Benjamin 347 08/25/07 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 729 Alpha Chrony 75 Stock - original Tripleguy
Benjamin Discovery 02/01/2012 Modified Crossman Premier hp 22 14.3 gr 769-771 chrony f-1 38 f only mods are trigger tune and second barrel band. running off compressed air. tested at 6,800 feet elevation, velocities were very consistant. cody adams
Benjamin Discovery 11-02-2012 New from The Box Croman Prem. Match 22 14.3g 848.1 fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 72 sunny low humidity Average 5 shot group. Stock except for cleaning,polishing lubing and replacing trigger spring. what a sweet shooter. Why anyone would run this gun on CO2 is puzzling to me considering how easy this gun is to pump up. A real tack driver. Jim Butler
Benjamin discovery 12/21/2013 Modified Crossman Premier 22 14.3 887-903 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 35 f using a .040 dia. hammer spring instead of stock .035 hammer spring, pumped to 3000 psi shot down to 1400, best performance and accuracy was 2500 psi to 1800 psi, which the velocity spread was 16 fps for 20 shots, average velocity was 894 fps. Cody Adams
Benjamin Discovery 5/13/10 Modified H&N Rabbit Magnum II 22 24.69 840 crony 70 degrees f gun is hand built from crosman parts. valve port is enlarged and reangled. lighter spring.threads shortened to encrease volumn. 12 shots in 840 range with rabbit magnum Nat Carter
Benjamin Discovery 7/10/14 New from The Box Crosman Premier Hollowpoint 22 14.3 884 Chrony Beta Chronograph 80 Completely stock, taken from the box, no cleaning, filled to 2K with Benjamin Hand pump. Out of 20 shots, 890 high, 878 low, average 884, spread of 12. What a fantastic gun Jason C
Benjamin H 02/08/2015 stock Benjamin .20 cal 14.3 395.6, 392.4 392.9, 388.4 391. Pact XP 14, deg I have always like this pistol, strong hands and arms are needed to reach full pressure Ratite
Benjamin Legacy 1000 na Out of the box stock Predator Polymer Tip 0.22 16.gr 745.2, 763.9, 748.6 chrony n/a Not bad for an out of the box shooter Ratite
Benjamin Legacy 2/20/2016 Stock Crosman Competition 177 7.8 gr 901.6 - 897.8 - 888.0 - 895.3 - 894.0 Pact Chronograph Pro 33deg This is a fresh Rebuild it will settle in with a few shots run through it Kent (www.airgunsmith.com)
Benjamin Rogue 2/18/2014 Stock Benjamin Pursuit .357 158 680 Chrony F-1 36deg Shoots good action is smooth; Iím not sold on the durability. Harold B.
Benjamin Sheridan 392 5/15/2006 stock Crosman Copperhead 22 14.3 648 upd n/a All around good gun Rick
Benjamin Sheridan C9 02/08/2015 Stock Benjamin .20 cal 14.3 683.3, 635.2, 647.8, 648.6, 653.3 Pact XP 14, deg Nice 20 cal from the 90s, the gun sgoots a tighter string as it is worked, this string is the first 5 after cold storage Ratite
Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Pisto 11/21/2014 New from The Box Crosman Premier 22 14.3 780 Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph 65 Feels well Shoot good Nice gun Rick
Benjamin Titan NP 2/7/2015 Modified H&N Baracuda Match 177 10.65 774.3 Chrony Beta Chronograph 71 Trigger mod done by myself, 500+ rounds shot. 774.3 fps is a 5 shoot average. Dime size group @10 meters from homemade bench rest with sand bag rests for rifle. Darrell
Benjamin Trail NP2 02/02/2016 New from The Box Crosman Premiere 22 14.30 793 Chrony Alpha Chronograph 68 NA Juan Jaramillo
Benjamin Trail np2 10-24-2014 Self Tune Napier wadcutters 22 15.43 820 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 80 degrees 785 average with (non-lubed) crosman premiers and same with rws superpoints. great hunter ! paul self- rane air
Browning 800 Mag Sept/25/2009 Stock RWS Hobby 177 7.0 gr 580-640 Chrony 78 deg I have and shot a few of these Browning 800 mags, after the new is gone the gun is a never goto its a large hand gun that is tuff to cock and not a great shooter Ratite
Browning Gold 10-24-2014 New from The Box rws superpoint 22 14.5 760 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 85 degrees geat wood work on stock. comparable to handling an r-1 rane air - paul self
BSA Lightning Feb-4-2009 Stock BSA Storm 177 7.39 935 chrony 48 Nice light weight gun good to shoot Jay Moore
BSA Super Sport 1-13-09 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 860 chrono 45 deg This is a good no nonsense shooter Randy Riggs
BSA TACTICAL XL 6/17/2011 New from The Box H & N SPORT FIELD TARGET TROPHY 22 0.95g 730ft/sec N/A 17c All weather version of the lightning. Fitted with a BSA 4X32R scope. Good balance, easy to aim. Light enough to carry for a whole days hunting Richard H

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