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Airgun Performance

Airgun Performance Information


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Airgun Performance Information

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To keep listings as accurate as possible comments should include
Multi Pumpers - The number of pumps used
PCPs - The amount of pressure used & if there is a low medium and high setting the setting used
Custom Airguns
Custom Airguns must be listed as custom, a custom 2240 is still a 2240 you can list who did the
custom work but the builder is still Crosman. example: Crosman 2240 by Crosman
PelletCaliberPellet WeightMuzzle VelocityMeasure MethodAmbient TempCommentSubmitted
Air Arms Pro Elite 7/19/16 Stock Beeman FTS 22 14.6 857fps Chrony Alpha Chronograph 80 Light coat of Moly to spring. Dual Mag Mike
Air Arms s410e 3-11-07 Stock Crosman Domed 22 14.3 956.5 chronograph n/a n/a Bill Walker
Air Arms TX-200 3/13/2010 Stock Crosman Premier 177 7.9 940 Chrony Beta Chronograph 65 Super Accurate! Warthog
Air Arms TX200 MK III 5/15/2006 Stock Beeman Kodiak 177 10.6 823 upd n/a A bit disappointed with the fps but the workmanship and quality make up the difference Bill
Air Arms tx200 mk3 5/19/2006 5/19/2006 H&N Field & Target 177 177 8.49 825 upd n/a na Rick
Air Arms TX200 MkIII 1/22/09 Stock Air Arms Diabolo Field 177 8.44 895 Chrony F-1 Chronograph 65deg Fresh from the box F. Martinez
Airforce Condor 2/27/2007 stock Predator Polymer Tip 22 cal 16 1125.3 Chrony n/a This gun is used only for hunting and the predator pellet is the only pellet I use giving great results for rabbit, squirrel, and pest birds T.R. Williams
Airforce Condor 2/7/2007 Stock Gamo Raptor Gold 177 ? 1475.9 Chrony n/a Nice Randy M
Airforce Condor 3/21/07 Stock rws Meisterkugeln 177 8.2 On full power 1175 chronograph n/a Every thing about the gun is good John P.W.
Airforce Condor 4/12/07 Stock croman premier 22 14.3 985 Chronograph n/a Gun will shoot in the 1000plus range but I like to keep it in the subsonic range talcon
Airforce Condor April 10, 2007 Stock Crosman Premier Heavy 177 10.5 1325 Chrony n/a Good balance Good trigger Allen G
Airforce Condor June 16 2007 Stock Daisy precision max 22 14 1209.0 Chrony 86deg New to me great gun 3000 psi on the fill David R
Airforce Condor Nov/2010 Modified Benjamin Sheridan domed 25 27.6 grains 1098 fps Chrony F-1 Chronograph n/a 25 LW barrel by TT 95grams hammer by TT 90 durameter orings by TT power level at 5 Barklee

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