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Smith Wesson 79G
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 Rebuilding Smith & Wesson 79g



When we rebuild the Smith and Wesson 79G we rebuild to stock specks. The average Smith And Wesson 79 G shoots around 400 FPS depending on the weight of the pellet used. For all our testing we use Crosman Premier 14.3g Pellets
This is the 5 shot string we get with the stock rebuild of the S&W 79G

 390.6 - 390.9 - 393.6 - 392.0 - 392

This is a nice flat string that will allow the shooter to target and hit consistently.


When Rebuilding the Smith And Wesson 79G, This little puppy needs to be taken out and cleaned. This is what saves your valve and seals from small bits of Co2 Ice and debris.
without it you will end up loosing all your gas.

Most of the time they are in good usable condition, if not they must be replaced.

This is two reasons the Smith And Wesson Valve Fails.

The material was not made to stand up the
oil being used. It looks like the seal was
softened and the pressure blew bits of O-ring away then the valve stem seal through the years
dried and crystallized.

Below is the Smith And Wesson Valve,
Cleaned Polished with New Seals Installed,
 Ready to Assemble and Install


This little port should be removed with care
using fingers or a magnet and a little wiggle
will do the trick.

This is the Smith And Wesson 79G Piercing Cap
assembly, it is of such good quality I wish it would fit other model guns.



Smith & Wesson 79G Frame Bent

One of the main concerns when rebuilding the Smith and Wesson 79G
is where the valve mounts up to the pistol frame, looking at the image below
the frame is bent in by the valve mount screws on both sides of the S&W 79g frame


This needs to be corrected, if no corrections is made there will be an eventual
crack, putting an end to a very nice old collectible Smith & Wesson.

The best way to fix this is to use brass shim stock, bent the shim to the same
shape as the valve and fill in with enough to allow the valve to get tight and letting
the frame stay straight,

The ship stock should be the same length as the valve   and 3 times the width as
the screw head. I will show the shims when I get some extra time but its a basic procedure.


Modifications can be made to the Smith & Wesson 79G

 that will get the pistol
to shoot in the 450 to 475 range. in doing modifications the S&W 79g will loose
shot count per cartridge. Before modifying the 79G I advise trying a lighter pellet.

In today's market their are dozens of quality pellets available and using a quality lighter
pellet to increase the FPS the shot count will remain high and it is possible the accuracy
will increase with the FPS.



Smith & Wesson Rear Sight Repair

One of the other things I like about the Smith & Wesson 79 and 79g
is the rear sight is made form steel. Just like anything else made from brittle steel it breaks.
Lucky for use the rear sight is steel and it can be welded. Even if the top part of the sight goes missing as long as the
bottom part is not lost we can make a new sight top. The sight below looks to have been broken and glued back together.
During shipping the sight became two peaces again, Simple enough, pull out the tig and put it back together.
Good as new. 

http://www.airgunsmith.com/Smith_Wesson_79G/Images/S&W_Rear_Sight_3.JPG http://www.airgunsmith.com/Smith_Wesson_79G/Images/S&W_Rear_Sight_3.JPG http://www.airgunsmith.com/Smith_Wesson_79G/Images/S&W_Rear_Sight_3.JPG



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