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Sheridan Blue Streak

Sheridan Blue Streak Rebuilding

Rebuild Kits for the Sheridan Blue Streak are now available.
 The kits are built in the USA in our shop from new modern materials
resulting in superior quality and performance.
For more information on the Airgunsmith Sheridan Blue Streak performance rebuild kits
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Sheridan Blue Streak Rebuild Information

Sheridan Blue Streak Rebuild Kit


Sheridan Blue Streak
Tool Set & Rebuild Kit

We manufacture Parts and Tools for the Sheridan Blue Streak


Rebuilding the Sheridan Blue Streak.
The piston is a good place to start when it
looks like this.


We can use Crosman's new made Benjamin Piston, they size up real nice. The only issue is the pump arm slot and pin hole are the wrong size

So we drill them out


And re-cut the slot


Make sure to keep things lined up


And that end of the rifle is ready to be assembled



Next is to make the seals.
the seal is an odd size so making
a tool is the best option



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