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Parker Hale Dragon

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Parker Hale Dragon Repair Servicing & Custom Parts


I have seen this on all Hale Dragons that have entered the shop,
This is caused buy the bevel of the pump tube, If it would have been square cut to the pump arm there would be no edge to be shaven off. First thing to do here is to carefully reshape the flats of the pump tube to the angle of the pump arm this will alleviate future problems.

Making the Parker Hale Dragon Better

Parts that are prone to dirt and wear

To the left the pump arm bushing should be replaced if any sign of wear is evident, This one has some evident uneven wear, since no parts are available a good oil impregnated bronze will be used for the machining, Don't go cheap here.

Check the pin and washers.
For longevity of the lever, bronze should be used here as well, with the bronze instead of the steel washer/bushing the bronze will wear and leave the pump arm intact, most if not all the wear will occur on the bushings, this is the ideal environment, If cost is not a factor change them out, if it is, look forward to replacing them in the future.

The top of the piston should be changed as the the choice of material could have been better. what was used is binding to steel.
At the time Teflon would have been a better choice, now days we have many readily available materials suited for such a use.

One option without changing is to cut oil grooves in the piston top, these will hold oil in them dispensing oil between the piston and tube each time the gun is pumped, without the grooves the plastic squeezes the oil between the tube and plastic like a windshield wiper removing the needed lubricant .

Here we give the Parker Hale Piston Bottom the same treatment. Cutting oil grooves into the new custom made piston gives this Parker  Hale piston a place to hold oil and lube the piston and pump tube where there were none.

By doing this you will add longevity to the Piston O-ring,

Here the Brass Piston Installed, there are a few things going on its not a copy there are some subtle difference’s, most notable is the material and the oil grooves, another is the O-ring groove and over all size of the piston.

If you have an Airgunsmith Parker Hale Piston you must use
AGS OIL or equivalent.


Parker Hale Dragon Repair Servicing & Custom Made Parts
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