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Benjamin 130

Benjamin 130 Service, Rebuilding, Pump arm Repair, Dent Removal

Benjamin 130 Rebuilding

Benjamin 130 Manual 

Rebuild Kits for the Benjamin 130 are now available.
 The kits are built in the USA in our shop from new modern materials
resulting in superior quality and performance.
For more information on the Airgunsmith Benjamin 130 performance rebuild kits
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Benjamin 130 Rebuild Information

Benjamin 130 Rebuild Kit

Benjamin 130
Tool Set & Rebuild Kit

We manufacture Parts and Tools for the Benjamin 130


Pricing on Benjamin 130 parts are as follows.

Piston $25.00 each
Seal Kit $10.00 each
Piston Seal kit Combined $32.00
Priority Shipping $3.95

Rebuild service, $35.00 includes everything needed except the piston,
Piston with rebuild $25.00.
Total parts and service for Benjamin 130 Rebuild $60.00

The AGS piston will never need to be replaced again, if the piston stops working the only replacement needed will be a 0.05 cent O-ring.

Benjamin 130 Rebuild Service
with Piston $60.00
Priority Shipping $8.95

 Total $68.95

Benjamin 130 Pistol


On the left is the complete rebuild kit with optional seals
On the right is the seal kit and is most commonly used
with a new piston.

The Benjamin 130, 132 and 137 seal seat is rounded
in shape which makes hard seal material non functional.
The softer seal material allows the spring pressure to mold over
the seat making a good seal. It is possible to reshape the seat
giving the seal a sharper edge allowing the use of a harder/Teflon seal,
this is a one shot proposition and should only be used if the seat
in its original condition fails to seal.

This is the Rebuild Kit we offer for the Benjamin 130.
Everything is designed to have replaceable seals with the
hard parts being reusable, The Red Disk Is the Hardest,
The White is Teflon and the Orange is the softest.
also available is the thickness of the seal. Spring tension
is also changeable with the use of different springs.

Benjamin 130 Rebuilding Kit Options

The kit above shows the options  available. Teflon in two thickness polyurethane is the material of choice in two thickness. Lead seals are also available, I use them both but O-rings are a lot easier to work with.

Benjamin 130 Piston
Fits Benjamin 130, 132 & 137


Benjamin 130 Rebuild Kit
 With Piston



Benjamin 130 Valve Puller
Made of High Quality Steel
Solid Brass Knurled Knob
Precision Fit Bushing



Benjamin 130 Valve Nut Tool

This tool can be used with a Tap-T Handle, 3/8 Open End Wrench, Crescent Wrench or a 1/4 Screw Driver.

I like to use a T-Handle, I have tried to use a 1/4" rod but at times the 1/4" rod has too little leverage, the valve nut can be extremely tight, when this happens a large crescent wrench or a large t-handle gives the best leverage




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