Crosman no longer provides
 Crosman 2289 BRASS VALVES,
 They are no longer available as new from Crosman.


Crosman Custom Airgun Parts 2289


Pre-Install Tip |  Valve Before & After | Valve Mod Tips | 13xx Diagram | See the valve boring in process | Removing Roll Pins Video |
Crosman Rebuilds |
Crosman 2289 Manual
Trigger Set


Eliminates spring wobble & Reduces trigger weight & pull Includes plunger, spring, spring cup and trigger works with stock safety or with brass as shown
See the trigger Guide Mounted


Crosman Safety Pin
Drop in Brass Replacement

Works with Crosman Stock Plastic or Brass Triggers.


Crosman Custom Brass Trigger Fits the 1377 & 1322  and 2289

To determine if you have a
 2 screw or 3 screw cover see link below

  | Two screw Three Screw |

Brass Triggers for the Crosman 1377 and 1322
the face of the trigger is 1/4 inch wide as well
as  increased lug width to reduce side to side wobble

The Mallard trigger is for the new 3 screw cover

  Flat-top Pistons Includes

1 Bottle of Original Airgun Oil
3 90d O-rings 3 70d O-rings
1 Oil Wiper

Install instructions

New Installation Instructions in the works

Oil Ring Replacement  Piston Oiling instructions
For a larger Image click here

We can machine your valve to fit the Flat Piston

Valve Before & After  machining for flat piston

Or you can purchase a modified valve
 that is flat to fit the piston and is
ported for better airflow

Brass Piston and Valve Combo
Custom Made & Limited.
 Fits all 1322, 1377 and 2289
 Crosman Airgun Pistols


Crosman 1377 1322
 Sear Spring Guide


In order for the sear spring guide to work with the adjustable sear you will need to grind away the protruding nub from the sear click to see what to remove be sure to remove all rough and uneven surfaces
Choice: Round or Hexagon Base
No changes need with the stock sear needed



O-ring Set

 Three - 70d Piston Rings
Three - 90d Piston Rings
One Valve O-ring to Tube O-ring
One Valve Body O-ring

Oil Rings pack of 3



Valve New Modified
 Crosman 1377 & 1322

See  valve configuration
For a larger Image click here

See Larger Port of The Ported Valve
   We can rebuild  your old valve
 with a new stem sea

Modified valves  are new with
Exhaust channel enlarged then ported & polished
 With valve stem relief ground to promote better air flow


Custom Brass Breeches


De-burring & Piston  tool set

for removing the burrs on the Crosman 1377, 1322, 2289 prior to piston install.  de-burring the pump tube prior to piston installation keeps the  O-ring and piston cup from being cut and damaged.

Piston Adjustment Tool

Use this tool to loosen and tighten
the piston when adjusting as well as holding the pump arm  linkage and barrel band in place while testing the length.

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