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Crosman 2240 - 2250


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2240 2250 Sear Spring Guide


Eliminates spring wobble & reduces trigger weight & pull Includes Plunger, Spring And Spring Cup available Delrin, Brass & Aluminum 



Crosman 2240 2250
 Sear Spring Guide & Trigger


Eliminates spring wobble & reduces trigger weight
pull Includes plunger, spring, spring cup and trigger
works with stock safety or with brass as shown

Flat Trigger Sear Set

Conventional Trigger Sear Set


2240/50 Custom Brass Trigger

Brass Triggers for the Crosman 2240 and 2250 the face of the trigger is 1/4 inch wide as well as  increased lug width to eliminate side to side wobble

2240 - 2250 Valve Mod


Crosman 2240 2250  Power Adjuster

Straight Knurl Only see

 See Benjamin Discovery Power Adjuster

2240 - 2250 Brass Safety Pin

Works with the custom brass trigger
Or  Crosman's  Plastic &  Brass Triggers

Silver Triggers

 Silver Triggers
come with proof marks and serial number.


Custom Made To Order 4 to 6 Week


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