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Crosman Custom Airgun Parts 130 Rebuild Kits


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Airgunsmith Custom Crosman 130 Piston
also fit 105,106, 760, 761, 1300

The Airgunsmith Crosman 130 Piston also fit 105,106, 760, 761, 1300 After you install AGS Flat-piston there is no longer a  need for waiting to order aftermarket parts and hoping there still made the O-ring used on the Airgunsmith Piston can be found at any hardware store for less the the cost of a stamp, comes with extra seals and Airgun Oil



Crosman 130 Pistol


When rebuilding your Crosman 130
don't settle for incomplete or inferior parts kit.

Airgunsmith Crosman 130 rebuild kit
 includes all the O-rings needed with a complete new custom built Airgunsmith Brass Piston that will alleviate the need for any dependents on old out dated OEM parts with old and dried out rubber components.

After you install the Airgunsmith 130 rebuild kit all rebuilds in the future will need simple O-ring replacement.

Another Great Crosman Airgun
saved from the scrap pile.

Crosman 130 Custom Rebuild Kit
Including Brass Piston, O-rings and Oil


O-rings Only

All O-rings needed
to rebuild your Crosman 130



We have two ways
 to repair your Crosman 130 piston.

You can replace the piston bottom with a custom made brass piston bottom. Or you can replace the complete piston with a brass top and  bottom AGS Piston. Both are flat-top for performance and easy of future repair, with a flat-top piston,  to repair all you will need to replace is a 0.50 O-ring


Crosman 130
After Market Rear Sight
with Stainless Steel Screw Made from solid bar stock


The Airgunsmith crosman 130 pistol rear sight is thicker and stronger with a more precision fit,
 The AGS Rear sight has zero side to side wiggle and even though the rear sight is made from aluminum it is stronger then the stock pressed sight that is issued with the Crosman 130, We do make the Crosman 130 rear sight out of
brass, aluminum, and steel. 


In the process of rebuilding your Crosman 130


When looking for a new piston, you will see new old stock pistons that have been around since the 1970s,

Crosman made two piston that will fit the Crosman 130,
 one with an O-ring and the other with a cup.  The piston to look for is the piston with the O-ring, all the new old stock versions of the cup piston should have been thrown out years ago.

Crosman no longer makes either of the two pistons  and the rubber on these old pistons are 44 years old, well over there shelf life.
 For the best results, find the old piston that uses an
O-ring for a seal and you will no longer be at the mercy of new old stock, the O-ring is replaceable for a measly few cents and replaceable by you.


Demand the Best


This is a new old stock Crosman 130 Piston that was self installed by a gun owner.
 He rebuilt the gun it worked  fine for a few weeks then stopped pumping, he sent the gun to me because he thought he did something wrong.

I checked the gun over and everything was in top shape, he did an excellent job on the rebuild, the only problem was the NEW OLD STOCK PISTON, the rubber on these old pistons are 40 years old and past there usefulness.

I installed a new O-ring Piston fixed the problem and sent the sweet old Crosman 130 back. 

 Be careful when buying new old stock Airgun parts,
if the part has rubber make sure its replaceable.


When the Crosman 130 was first introduced 1953 they were sold with a flat bottom aluminum piston and O-ring with a steel upper. late in production of the Crosman 130, late 1953 and into 1954 and when the Crosman 130 was in need of repair, Crosman issued the newer style 130 piston with a cup as seen in the image  above, the reason for the swap  is longevity of the repair. A Crosman 130 piston with a piston cup for a seal will out last a 130 piston with an O-ring if the owner forgets to oil or just never maintains the gun.  But it has been a known for more then 50 years that the O-ring piston out performs the cup piston buy at least 1/3 which is why Crosman Installed the O-ring piston in the Crosman 130 in the first place. I have run across many Crosman 130s with the Aluminum O-ringed piston that are still working today with nothing more then an O-ring swap, Crosman in there design of the 130 were on the mark for a nice air pistol that would be handed down thru generations with a simple O-ring replacement, when the change over to the cup piston occurred and the same guns became in need of repair they were put away never to be used again. because parts were not that common.


This $27.50 MINT gem came from a flea market and is a later production with the cup piston I will admit when walking around flea market and gun shows finding Airgun's in need of repair is one of my past times that I will drive hours or days just to seek out and find.

OK if Crosman had not changed over to the cup piston I would have never found a mint Crosman 130 for $27.50, I guess I owe Crosman a bit of gratitude for the swap as I really do like the older pistols, finding them in the sub $50.00 range is a real treat.

The Piston on the right is the piston we replace the stock Crosman 130 with getting rid of the aluminum and steel giving the Crosman 130 a chance at life for the next 100 years with the ability to be out of
the box and shot  as it was intended.



Crosman 130

The Crosman 130 is a great little gun but will never be a big power house. The kits we are building will help increase
 the power on guns that use a piston cup, if you have the model with a flat piston there will be no power increases.

The intention with our kit is to bring back life  to these fine old guns not to make
them high power shooters but keep them as the great old shooter they have been for years.

The Crosman 130 is a fine old heirloom and if cared for will virtually last forever as long as itís cared for properly
and not abused. We are in the process of build kits including a brass O-ring piston and will be ready soon.

Having said that we have noticed a slight increase in power from the brass piston.


Crosman 130 Repair

When you send your Crosman in for rebuilding this is not the best way. Sometimes it make our work less and sometimes more.

Crosman 130 Rear Sight Screw

 If you do take your 130 apart just be careful to not break the rear sight hold down screw, Always remove the sight screw first. these are a tedious little bit to make.

If you have lost your rear sight. see the aftermarket sight for the Crosman 130 above

The two highlighted are key to a solid rebuild
The check valve for the most part will last forever

As you can see the gun has a very simple design
the only drawback for self repair is the piston.
After we get rid of that and replace it with the brass piston
the gun will forever be a home shop rebuild.
I'll be the first to tell you, proprietary parts suck.

Don't mind the sissy gloves,
I get tired of getting oil on my hands after a long day.
and sometimes its just better to have a second
skin that can be peeled off

The inner exhaust valve seal goes here
you must be sure to replace this,


This is another 130 that has arrive for a rebuild
wonder where this gun has been hiding?

One day I will do a full rebuild process
and include the modifications needed to bring theses 130's
up to current standards.

Wonder how good this thing will look when its complete.

Below is a picture of both Crosman 130 Valves
The brass on top is the self cocking valve the aluminum
is a manual cocking valve. I like the bottom valve, its simple and a treat to rebuild.


Below is the reason I say use good oil and do oil all pivot points


Now; When I say oil your pivot pins, let this show the reason
why, oil on the pivot pins is very necessary if you want it to last.



Another one of Crosman's well designed components.
When rebuilding this Crosman 130 and the pump arm bushing is worn out its a simple 5 minuet machine job to get it back into top shape

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